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Redlining & White Noise Part 12 | Whiteness and Land Domination with Jonnie Russell

In Part 12 of Redlining & White Noise, we are joined by our friend Jonathan Russell for a conversation about Whiteness and Land Domination. Jonnie is a Contributing Fellow at USC Center for Religion & Civic Culture, Vice President of Programs at Bay Area Rescue Mission and Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy and Religion at Chaffey College.  Using his recent article, The ‘White Lie’ Connecting Trump’s Pardon of Arsonists, Immigration Fiasco, and Charlottesville, as a launch point, this episode focuses on the historical and contemporary linkage between racial identity and property ownership. Jonnie refers to the ideas of George Lipsitz and Willie James Jennings. You can see their work at the following links:

George Lipsitz: Architectures of Spatial Justice and Racism Takes Place

Willie James Jennings: Christian Imagination: Theology and Origins of Race

Sean Archibong